Celebrating Schools fundraising


Students throughout South Australia continue to play a crucial role in fundraising for Catholic Charities. 

  • Catholic Charities has launched a bright and colourful me4u website that highlights and celebrates the fundraising work done in schools to help those in need 'in our own backyard.'  
  • The me4u campaign’s focus is to assist schools in generating ways to bring students together for an event and/or fundraising activity with the main focus of reinforcing Catholic Charities message ‘Never see a need without doing something about it.’
  • Our message is that no one should be left behind and that sometimes we all need to reach out and help each other - that is what is behind me4u – helping each other through - by coming together we all can make a difference!
  • The website aims to celebrate and share this important work and show how everyone can make a difference even if it seems small.

The website can be accessed here

We also have a Facebook page - you can go and like our page here