Centacare Catholic Family Services
An agency of the Catholic Church which began operating in 1942, Centacare's services have grown significantly in the more than 75 years since that time. It is one of the primary non-government organisations with branches located in both metropolitan and regional areas of South Australia. Funding is sought to support Centacare's Disability Services; in particular the expansion of services offered by Kolbe Cottage and Auricht House - which provide respite care for young people living with an intellectual disability - and to ease the transition to NDIS.

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Catholic Charities provides support for Disability Respite Services (Kolbe Cottage and Auricht House). It represents a unique and vital part of Centacare's ability to operate successfully in a climate that makes even more demands on its services.

Hutt St Centre
Run by the Daughters of Charity since 1954, this is a meal and day Centre for the homeless people of Adelaide. Men, women and at times children attend the Centre. Facilities are breakfast, lunch, laundry, showers, lockers, counselling, referral, housing and advocacy.
Each year over 2000 people attend the Centre with approximately 51,000 meals being served. 
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Catholic Charities helps fund the meal centre as well as the Pastoral Care Program. 

Aboriginal Catholic Ministry
The Otherway Centre offers indigenous Catholics a Sunday Eucharist at St Martin De Porres Chapel. 

The Aboriginal Catholic Ministry also provides the wider indigenous community with counselling; a drop in service; work with street kids and outreach, visiting people in the streets, parks, hotels, in their own homes, in prison and in hospital. It also supports indigenous students attending Catholic Schools, Cultural awareness programs, healing and referrals, liaison with state and charitable agencies. 
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Catholic Charities raises money to support the day centre and for cultural awareness activities. 

St Patrick’s Special School & Our Lady of La Vang School (formerly St Ann’s Special School).

These two schools who are members of our Catholic Christian community cater for children with intellectual and multiple disabilities. Students range in age from 5 - 20.

The schools are a faith community where the teachings of Jesus are reflected in the policies, structures and relationships between students, staff and parents.

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Catholic Charities supports special teaching projects organised by the schools for their students which can range from transitional programs preparing students to transition to post-school pathways as well as specialist teaching including music and play.