RESOURCING Lay Ministry in Parish and Church Community


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  • A collection of essays inspired by Co-Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord, the annual convocation sponsored by Fordham University, Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education. ‘Reflections on Renewal contributes to efforts to reshape the ministerial language and practices in the church today.’


Miller, Richard W. [ed] [2005] Lay ministry in the Catholic Church: visioning church ministry through the wisdom of the past. A symposium iwht Sr Carolyn Osiek, RSCJ, Dr Francine Cardman, Rev Kenan Osborne, OFM, Dr Richard Gaillardetz, Rev Thomas F O’Meara, OP, Rev Michael J Himes.

  • The symposium treated the topic of lay ministry both historically and in its contemporary reality, tensions, and opportunities.


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  • An in depth treatment of lay ecclesial ministry even as it unfolds before our eyes

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  • A compelling theology of the laity based on scripture, on a renewed understanding of the sacrament of baptism and, especially on the great watershed in church thinking brought about by Vatican II.

    “The great challenge for the laity is to overcome the false dichotomy between their “real lives” and their “spiritual lives”. Ordinary affairs and the messiness of the mundane are not distractions from the Christian journey of the laity; on the contrary it is precisely amidst the rough and tumble of family life and work commitments that their growth in holiness takes place.” [Introduction p.4]


Hahenberg, Edward P. [2003] Ministries: a relational approach. New York: the Crossroad Publishing Company

  • Ministry begins when one life touches another. It is a way of relating, a relationship. Treatments of our topic remain incomplete when they focus too much on the person of the minister or on the action of the ministry and lose sight of the relationship at the core of any Christian service. … It is not in individual status or in specific tasks, but in relationships of service, that the minister finds his or her identity and purpose.” [A Time of Transition pp. 4, 6]


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  • “Understanding our faith and developing cultural practices that will make our living of the faith vibrant and transformative of ourselves, our communities and our twenty-first century world means knowing what Peter knew as he stepped over the side of the boat, as he felt the strong winds whipping through the air and the cold waves lapping at his feet and knees. Faith is not something meant for a safe harbor. Faith takes us where we do not always plan to go.” [Introduction p.3]