Caring for priests

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Today we do not expect our priests to live with parishioners nor to be employed beyond the Church. We have a long tradition whereby priests in their ministry are supported by the Church community – and here in Australia – almost totally through our parishes. Jesus, when sending the seventy-two disciples into nearby villages to proclaim the Kingdom of God said, “The labourer deserves his wages.” (Luke 10:7)

Priestly Ministry and Economics
Economics dominate politics and society – home mortgage interest rates, petrol and groceries, the environment and carbon emissions, health care and education, the list seems endless.

Like the rest of us, our priests live in the world and so money is needed to support them so that they, with undivided hearts, can devote themselves to the care of the people.

The First Collection at Work
All Diocesan and Religious Order Priests - those in active ministry and those retired - are supported principally through the First Collection on Sundays.

The Clergy Care Council along with Religious Orders administer the finances which come through it, along with offerings made at Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals.

There is no Federal or State Government Grants which support the clergy.

From the First Collection priests receive:

  • Health Insurance
  • Medical and dental expenses
  • Housekeeping expenses
  • Nursing home and hostel care
  • A modest salary.