Our priests today

Our priests live in a different world, but one where in the face of widespread indifference towards religion, they are called to witness to the same mercy of God and to live with simplicity.

This Year for Priests is an invitation for priests to deepen their relationship with Jesus and commitment to his people.

The ministry of priests

We are all aware of how the ministry of priests is rapidly changing with larger and multiple parishes as well as their ageing. An increasing number of priests carry on ministries beyond their parishes. They are supported by those priests who, having retired from the administration of parishes, nonetheless are active in the celebration of the Eucharist and other pastoral responses.

The care of the people

Our priests, every Sunday, celebrate more than 200 Masses which are attended by approximately 25,000 people.

In2019 they officiated at 309 weddings, celebrated 1896 baptisms and were, with the bishops, involved in 1687 confirmations.

They were involved in 101 Catholic schools through Masses, liturgies, school boards and religious education support.

They celebrated Masses and visited numerous nursing homes and hostels, cared for the sick in their homes and responded to emergency calls and pastoral requests in every hospital within the Archdiocese.

They prepared their homilies, were involved in sacramental programs, adult education, prayer groups, counselling, visits to parishioners, and had responsibility for ensuring the proper and just administration of the parishes.