Special appeals

A number of diocesan and non-diocesan appeals take place in parishes each year.

Diocesan Appeals

Diocesan Appeals are administered by the Adelaide Archdiocese. The Diocesan Appeals manager will supply parishes with an annual appeals calendar in December each year and this will chart each special appeal for the 12-month period.

The appeals manager is the contact person for any queries regarding the diocesan appeals. All information pertaining to diocesan appeals and remittance advice will come from the Appeals Manager. See contact details below.

Non Diocesan Appeals

Non diocesan appeals are administered by external agencies. e.g. charities such as St Vincent de Paul Society.

Information and remittance advice for these appeals is sent from the agency responsible for the appeal and any questions or feedback needs to be directed back to said agency.

However, if a parish has an issue with a particular agency and feels it needs assistance with communications they should contact the Diocesan Appeals Office.

Contact details: Jenny Brinkworth - E: jbrinkworth@adelaide.catholic.org.au

 2024 Parish Appeals Calendar.pdf