The Council for Integral Ecology is dedicated to serving the Archdiocese of Adelaide in the promotion of care for our common home, by responding to the cry of the Earth and the cry of the poor. We see this as encompassing a range of issues, including social justice, peace and human development. 


20 Sep 2022

Laudato Si' Action Platform and Strategic Plan

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 LSAP 2022 web ver.pdf

01 Sep 2021
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Ann Henry has prepared a resource to raise consciousness in order to shop for the planet. The action is an initiative of the Council for Integral Ecology.


01 Sep 2021

Inspiring others to shop for our planet

The Southern Cross September 2021

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Energised by Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’, Ann Henry is now inspiring fellow Catholics to do their bit to preserve our “wonderful planet” by adopting simple shopping actions next time they are in the supermarket. 

As part of this month’s Season of Creation (September 1 to October 4), Ann’s ‘Shopping for the Planet’ resource is being made available to parishioners throughout the Archdiocese.

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Picture: Sisters Miriam, Charlotte and Gianna Bierer finding ways to be kinder to the environment.

01 Sep 2021

Archdiocese supports National Park City bid

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Against the backdrop of spectacular gum trees in the west parklands, Archbishop Patrick O’Regan today formally signed the National Park City Charter on behalf of the Catholic community...

...Archbishop O’Regan signed the charter at the launch of the Season of Creation which was held in Gladys Elphick/Narnungga Park and attended by about 30 people from throughout the Archdiocese.

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Picture: Archbishop O'Regan with Green Adelaide's Brenton Grear, following the signing of the National Park City Charter.

01 Sep 2021

Barefoot and dancing with creation

The Southern Cross September 2021

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As Catholics around the world celebrate the Season of Creation this month, Willunga priest-in-residence Fr Tom Gleeson talks about how his faith is so strongly connected with the natural world.

Finding God happens for people in so many different ways. For Fr Tom Gleeson his moment of spiritual awakening came in the middle of the night in the desert of far north South Australia.

As he danced under the starry sky, the 24 year old felt an amazing energy and yelled out into the stillness of the cold, clear night, ‘I believe in God’!

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Picture: Fr Tom Gleeson in the garden outside his residence at Willunga.

01 Sep 2021

Journey to a more sustainable Church

The Southern Cross September 2021


Catholics around Australia are being invited to join a seven year journey and work towards a more sustainable Church as part of the annual Social Justice Statement released by the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference this month.

Cry of the Earth, Cry of the Poor reinforces the urgent need to respond to the social, economic and ecological issues facing the world today.

As the statement outlines, the millennium drought, the 2019-20 bushfire season, COVID-19 and the 2021 floods have all raised questions for many Australians about our common home.

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