30 Oct 2017

Today in Victoria Square

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Media Release – Monday October 30 2017

Lunch to celebrate Lutheran-Catholic unity

City workers are being invited to join in a lunch in Victoria Square tomorrow as part of the celebrations to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

Starting at 12.30pm, the lunch will be one of the many activities being hosted in Adelaide throughout the day to recognise this significant milestone in Lutheran-Catholic relations.  

The Lutheran Roman Catholic Reformation Commemoration recognises the date in 1517 that Martin Luther posted 95 theses concerning abuses he saw in the church. His action shaped the religious and cultural history of the West and is regarded as the symbolic beginning of the Protestant Reformation.

In recognition of the anniversary, the Australian Catholic Bishops Commission for Ecumenism and Inter-religious Relations and the bishops of the Lutheran Church of Australia have prepared a joint statement which will be signed at St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral at 5pm.

The statement acknowledges the damage caused by conflict and division in the past, the healing of the relationship between Catholics and Lutherans that has taken place in recent decades, and the commitment to a common path in the future.

LCA Bishop Henderson said the joint statement was an important commitment between the Catholic and Lutheran churches in Australia to continue to work positively together for the sake of the gospel.

“It’s important for all Christians in the modern world to find their common voice and their common witness to the gospel,” he said. “I think that’s nothing less than Jesus would expect of us. This statement is built on 40 years of solid dialogue, challenging dialogue, between the LCA and the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference.

“And I think it’s important to realise that the Catholic Church is graciously acknowledging the importance of the Reformation and that the Christianity that we hold, we hold in common.

“While we continue to have differences, things that will separate us, we believe in the same Saviour and all believers are justified by faith.”

Running under the theme ‘Together in Hope’, the anniversary events get underway with morning prayer at Bethlehem Church, Flinders Street, followed by a visual arts display and talks covering the histories of the Lutheran and Catholic churches in Australia, as well as information about the Reformation.  

Hundreds are expected to attend the lunch in Victoria Square which will be followed by a tree planting in Pilgrim Peace Park by Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson and Bishop Henderson.

There will be a music concert in St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral from 3.30-5pm and after a presentation of dialogue documents and history, the joint statement will be signed.  

Media contact:
To organise interviews please contact Jenny Brinkworth, Director Catholic Communications, 0438 727 677 or jbrinkworth@adelaide.catholic.org.au or
Lisa McIntosh, LCA Communications, 0409 281 703 or lisa.mcintosh@lca.org.au   
For more information about the program of events on October 31 go to: www.50500.lca.org.au 

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