22 Dec 2017

Christmas message

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Media Release  |  Thursday December 21 2017

Finding the tender love we need to live

Australians have been urged to take a break from the mental pushing and shoving that the end of another year brings, and find time to open their hearts this Christmas to the tender love of God that “we need to live”.

In the annual Christmas message from the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide, Vicar General Fr Philip Marshall said despite having the basic necessities of food, water and protection, people could die from a “lack of love”.

“So many of us today feel our lives have no real meaning, or that we don’t deeply matter to anybody,” Fr Marshall said.

“We long for love, we long to matter, but we doubt that it’s possible. We sense an emptiness at the centre of our lives, and from it come those fears and jealousies that destroy our relationships, the cravings that take us down paths that hurt and sometimes destroy us, the rage and frustration that leads to violence and even terrorism. Even as adults we can literally die from lack of love.  
“Love can be over-used as a word – we can ‘love’ a cup of coffee or ‘love’ a pop star – but there is another word that can’t be mistaken. That word is tenderness. The tenderness that holds us when we feel unsafe, that lifts us up when we fall and delights with us in our joy.”

Fr Marshall urged Australians to take time at Christmas to go to the “quiet space” of their heart where they would find the “tender love” of God.  

“And why not go crazy this Christmas, why not go to church and share that feeling of tenderness with others?”
Fr Marshall’s message can be viewed in full at www.adelaide.catholic.org.au

The media is welcome to film at the 9am Mass at St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral on Christmas Day and Vicar General Fr Philip Marshall will be available afterwards to comment on his Christmas Message.

For more information, contact Lindy McNamara on 0488 954 029 or lmcnamara@adelaide.catholic.org.au

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