03 Jul 2018

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Media Release – Tuesday July 3 2018

Statement from Bishop O'Kelly SJ

Statement from Apostolic Administrator of the Adelaide Archdiocese Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ following the sentencing of Archbishop Wilson today:

“Archbishop Wilson was sentenced today to a non-parole period of imprisonment of six months with an additional period of six months to be served on parole. The proceedings have been adjourned until August 14 during which time he will be assessed for suitability for home detention.

It is therefore inappropriate that I make any further comment about this case.  

However, in such circumstances we should be very aware of the impact on survivors, their families and all those who love them.  I have witnessed the anguish and grief of victims. The Church must continue all efforts to listen and support them.

I reiterate that our commitment to the safety of every child in our Church and schools is paramount.

The arrangements made by Pope Francis for my care of the Archdiocese as Apostolic Administrator remain in place.”


Australian Catholic Bishops Conference  |  July 3 2018

Statement on sentencing of Archbishop Philip Wilson

The Catholic bishops of Australia acknowledge that the effects of sexual abuse can last a lifetime, but we hope that today’s custodial sentence brings some sense of peace and healing to those abused by deceased priest James Fletcher.

It takes great courage for survivors to come forward to tell their stories. Survivors have been vital in helping us learn the lesson of our shameful history of abuse and concealment, which was laid bare in the Royal Commission into Institutional Reponses to Child Sexual Abuse and state inquiries, including the Cunneen Inquiry.

The Church has made substantial changes to ensure that abuse and cover-up are not part of Catholic life and that children are safe in our communities.  

We will continue to work with all those in the Church and beyond who are seeking to put in place strong and consistent standards of safeguarding throughout Australia, including how we respond to allegations of sexual abuse.

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has no further comment to make at this time.

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