09 Apr 2020

Easter hope of strengthened community

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Media Release  |  Thursday April 9 2020

Easter hope of  strengthened community

Catholic Church leaders have expressed their hope of a deeper sense of humanity as a result of the coronavirus pandemic in their 2020 Easter messages.

As tens of thousands of Christians prepare to participate in Easter services from their homes for the first time, Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ said that a “product of our suffering may be that after this trial there will be a greater appreciation of the human community, what we do, and who the people are with whom we work”. 

“The quality of our lives and a sense of closeness to the Lord will deepen as His grace works within us. We know that such times, as in war, can bring out the finest in people despite the horror.  On the human level families are finding out that there is more conversation and interaction as a group.

“The Cross was planted solidly in the earth, in our ground, where our trials and sorrows and vexations are.  Christ stretched out His arms between Heaven and Earth, connecting the two worlds through His suffering and offering.  He caught us up in that act, we with our own anxieties and worries and illnesses, and transformed them into the truth of the Resurrection.”

As Bishop of the Port Pirie Diocese, Bishop O’Kelly will be the celebrant at St Mark’s Cathedral for Easter services being recorded for people to watch online at www.pp.catholic.org.au.

He is also Apostolic Administrator of the Adelaide Archdiocese, which is broadcasting the Easter Masses and Good Friday Passion of the Lord on Channel 44 as well as live streaming on its website www.adelaide.catholic.org.au.

Administrator Delegate Father Philip Marshall will celebrate the Easter services from St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral, commencing with Holy Thursday tonight at 6.30pm.

Bishop Patrick O’Regan, the recently appointed Archbishop-designate of Adelaide Archdiocese has sent a video message from his Diocese of Sale to the Adelaide faithful.

“Easter reminds us that God wades deep into our humanity, brooding over the chaos of sin and death and brings forth life,” he said.

“Being Easter people is exactly imitating what our loving Trinity is, going to the place of death, of chaos and telling and living the Good News that Christ is Risen.

“This is our faith, this is the faith of the Church, and we are proud to profess it, let us then be Easter people and may our song always be Alleluia.”

The video message can be viewed at www.adelaide.catholic.org.au

In Adelaide, the following Easter services will be broadcast on free to air television on Channel 44:

  • Holy Thursday - Mass of the Lord’s Supper, 6.30pm
  • Good Friday - Passion of the Lord, 3pm
  • Holy Saturday - Easter Vigil in the Holy Night, 6pm
  • Easter Sunday, 9am

These services will be also be available online via www.adelaide.catholic.org.au or the Channel 44 website www.c44.com.au/watch

In Port Pirie Diocese, the following services will be available online at www.pp.catholic.org.au

  • Holy Thursday – 7.30pm
  • Good Friday – 3pm
  • Easter Vigil – 7.30pm
  • Easter Sunday – 10.30am

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