15 Dec 2018

What is God asking of the Church?

The Southern Cross newspaper – December 2018

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‘It is so easy for us to become lost in the busyness and noise of the modern world; a world dominated by selfishness, materialism, media, and a host of environmental, political and social ills. More than ever, I believe God is asking us, as individuals and as a Church, to remember the core message of the Catholic faith: that even in times of great darkness, faith, hope, and love remain. These three values lie at the very heart of what it means to be human, and if we can rest our focus on living our lives with them in mind, I think it will make for a far more open, compassionate and holy Church.’
Mitchell Thompson, 21, Aquinas College student (pictured right)

‘I think it’s good that the Church tries to help each other and spread harmony and positivity. I would like to see that promoted better.’
Daisy Mumford, Year 8, Gleeson College

‘God is asking us to consider many areas of our Church, but I believe they can all be described in one word, tolerance. In regard to youth, what will keep them in their faith?
Rethink issues of divorce and the sacraments, married priests, female clergy, removal of reference to Hell in the Apostle Creed, and review hymns to ensure they are of modern thinking and welcoming.’
Don Campbell, retiree, Northgate

‘God continues to invite us into an experience of infinite love. We must learn to reach out to those who need to be loved the most, namely, those in our community who are on the boundaries yearning to be seen. We must return to the simplicity of Jesus’ ministry and reveal God’s love to all others in the workings of our everyday lives.’
Ruth Bell, 38, Salisbury parish

‘God is asking us to look after children and the aged in all spheres of life; to speak out to counter legislative changes which attack Church dogma. Most of all I believe God’s Church will survive, but some adaptation to modern life is needed. God is asking us to reconsider celibacy in the priesthood, divorce and remarriage, the ordination of women as at least deacons, and to reconsider the third form of the Rite of Reconciliation. We must look after our priests and ensure their workloads are reasonable.’
Carolyn Bullen, St James Church, Keith (Bordertown parish)

‘I go to the Vietnamese Community at Pooraka. It is a good experience but we need more involvement with the community. Church is more than just an hour, tea and biscuits and playing handball.’
Danny Nguyen, Year 7, St Gabriel’s Enfield

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