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2020 Annual Report

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Archbishop Patrick O'Regan – Who would have believed that during the midst of the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic Pope Francis would see fit to appoint me as the ninth Archbishop of Adelaide on March 19, the feast of St Joseph?

At the time, I said that as someone with a deep Josephite spirituality it was quite fitting – even providential – that Pope Francis had chosen St Joseph’s feast day to call me to this new mission.

...It has been apparent to me in my relatively short time in this Archdiocese that there are many, many ‘ordinary’ people living out their faith every day and following St Mary MacKillop’s mantra of ‘never see a need without doing something about it’.

Download the 2020 annual report to read of Archbishop Patrick's story along with our agencies' stories.

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2019 Annual Report

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Bishop Greg O'Kelly SJ – As my role of Apostolic Administrator continued in 2019, I was delighted to be able to welcome nearly 5,500 teachers, school and parish leaders, priests, school administrators and other staff from the Diocese of Port Pirie and the Archdiocese of Adelaide at the “Live, Learn, Lead, Together” conference.....

Fr Philip Marshall, Administrator Delegate – Never has a year begun with such a spectacular blaze of sound and colour as this one. We poured into the Entertainment Centre on a furiously hot January day - 6,000 teachers, support personnel, administrators, along with clergy and leaders from Centacare, diocese and parishes, young people and old...

Sarah Moffatt, Acting Chancellor – The Eight Gospel Characteristics of Renewal have been pivotal in providing a focus for parishes and agencies within the Archdiocese with parish pastoral visitation continuing in 2019. Pastoral work in the Archdiocese continued to flourish in parishes, communities, schools and neighbourhoods...

Download the 2019 annual report to read more of these reports along with our agencies' stories.

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2018 Annual Report

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Message from the Bishop
...My task has been to exercise episcopal authority to the Archdiocese of Adelaide until such time as the Holy Father changes the arrangement, while continuing to serve as Bishop of the Diocese of Port Pirie.

I have been greatly assisted by the excellent group of Church officials who serve the Archdiocese and have taken responsibility for the day-to-day administration under the  able direction of the Administrator Delegate, Father Philip Marshall.

One of my priorities has been to communicate as much as possible in a dual role with our clergy, Religious, pastoral associates, diocesan staff and agencies in these challenging times...

Please download pdf below to read more of Bishop Greg's message along with reports from our Diocesan agencies.

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2017 Annual Report

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Who We Are

The Adelaide Archdiocese aims to be a community that lives and expresses the joy of the gospel of Jesus, serving others, especially in the places where people are suffering, disempowered by circumstance and furthest from life to the full.
This will be done by supporting the Eight Gospel Characteristics of Renewal:

  1. The parish is a community in which each member is called to a personal relationship with Jesus.
  2. Eucharistic liturgies are prayerful and fully participative.
  3. The Word of God is proclaimed in good preaching and in faithful lives.
  4. There is a warm sense of community outreach and welcome.
  5. The parish community is visibly engaged with those who experience poverty and need, and with those at the margins of society and church.
  6. The parish witnesses to God’s love for all the creatures of Earth.
  7. The parish is led by a priest with a pastoral team.
  8. Eucharistic communities that are viable will be enabled to continue.

Please download document below to read reports from diocesan agencies.

 J03939 Catholic Archdiocese Annual Report 2017-WEB.pdf


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2016 Annual Report

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Who We Are

About us

The Adelaide Archdiocese dates back to 1842, just six years after the first fleet arrived at Glenelg. Today it is home to more than 280,000 Catholics – about 20 per cent of the population – and covers 105,000 sq km. There are 69 parishes and communities with approximately 125 Mass centres and 90 Catholic schools with approximately 45,000 students.

Our Values

We adhere to our Catholic values, which are based on our love for God and for every human being, according to the gospel and the tradition of our Church.

Please download document below to read reports from diocesan agencies.

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