06 Apr 2023

Archbishop O'Regan's 2023 Easter message

The transforming power of faith

25 May 2021

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill

Fr Dean Marin, PP, Mt Gambier parish

The Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill is currently before the House of Assembly with debate scheduled for tomorrow evening and a vote likely in coming weeks.

With the endorsement of Archbishop O’Regan, a short video message has been recorded by Mount Gambier parish priest Fr Dean Marin.

In his message Fr Dean explains why we oppose this dangerous Bill and encourages parishioners to contact their local MP to ask them to vote against it.

He says that while compassion for those suffering seems a compelling argument, as is the appeal to freedom of choice, these views overlook the inherent dignity of every human life and the moral imperative to respect and care for human life at all its stages.

25 May 2021

Real care, love and compassion

- an alternative to euthanasia

Euthanasia A3 Adelaide 2021-1.jpg

Compassion for the suffering and dying is something which unites us all. Many of us have been with friends or family as they face the fear and uncertainty of a serious illness. Our heart goes out to them and we wish only the best for them.

Some propose euthanasia or assisted suicide as a compassionate choice for people who are facing such illness. But this view is unwise and dangerous and makes the most vulnerable less safe at the last chapter of their lives. Killing people is wrong, and this principle is central to our law.

We ask you to consider the following myths and facts outlining why euthanasia, or government authorised killing, is never the best expression  
of compassion.

To read more please download pdf below.

 Euthanasia A3 Adelaide 2021.pdf