Current and back issues feature print and online resources focusing on particular themes or seasonal events, together with great book reviews, and new resources recently added to the collection. It also advises of times that CRIS will be closed during the year.

Autumn 2017


Book Reviews: 

  • Jesus before the Gospels (Bart Ehrman) – review by Kay Stringer
  • Letter to Pope Francis (Matthew Fox) – review by Ben McCabe cfc
  • The Divine Spark (Paula D’Arcy) – review by Michael Flaherty cfc
  • St Thomas Aquinas (GK Chesterton) – review by Kay Stringer
  • The Divine Dance (Richard Rohr) - review by John B McCabe

Lent, Holy Week, Easter Resources

Special Topic Resource list: 

  • The Sacraments: Eucharist, Reconciliation and Confirmation
  • Selected Indigenous Picture Book Resources

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Spring Summer 2016/17

CRIS SpringSummer 2016.jpg

Book reviews:

  • Why on Earth are you still a Lutheran? (N Habel);
  • Joy to the World – How Christ’s coming changed everything (and still does) (S Hahn);
  • Written that you may Believe (S Schneiders);
  • A Way to God – Thomas Merton’s Creation Spirituality (M Fox)

CRIS Special Topic Resource List about Global Issues
(Children’s picture books on Social Justice, Refugees, Racism & Empathy)

Advent and Christmas Resources.

CRIS new resources.

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Winter 2016



  • A selection of New Children’s Picture Books
  • New resources for CRIS
  • CRIS: Selected resources on ISLAM

Book reviews include:

  • We are Better than this (Edited by Robyn Cadwallader),
  • The Wounded Heart of Thomas Merton (by Robert Waldron),
  • St Paul – The Misunderstood Apostle (by Karen Armstrong),
  • How to Read the Bible & Still be a Christian (by John Crossan),
  • The Rebirthing of God – Christianity’s Struggle for new Beginnings (by John Philip Newell)
  • Waging Peace – Global Adventures of a lifelong Activist (by David Hatsough).



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Autumn 2016



  • Children’s resources,
  • Resources for Year of Mercy and
  • New resources for CRIS.

Book Reviews include:

  • This Time in Church (Kelly, M),
  • Great Lives from God’s Word- Esther, Joseph, Elija and David (Swindol, C),
  • Walking the Way (Dear, J) and
  • Making All Things New (Delio, I)


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Spring – Summer 2015-2016

newsletter Spring 2015 for web.jpg


  • Children’s resources for Laudato Si,
  • selected resources for Mary in Visual Art,
  • Advent and Christmas resources, and
  • new resources available at CRIS.

Book reviews include:

  • Sacred fire (Ronald Rolheiser),
  • A Retreat with Thomas Merton (Anthony Padovano),
  • Learning to walk in the Dark (Barbara Brown Taylor),
  • Bystanders (Valerie Volk),
  • The Loneliness and longing of St Francis (Gerard Thomas Straub),
  • Whispers (Edwina Gately and Jane Hammond-Clarke),
  • The Bible tells me so (Peter Enns).

 newsletter Spring 2015 .pdf


Winter 2015

newsletter Winter 2015 for web.jpg

The topics are general resources on miracles and selected resources for teaching miracles, and some of the new resources available at CRIS.

Book reviews include: 

  • Keeping hope alive (Hara Abid)
  • Stations of the Cross (Timothy Radcliffe)
  • Learning to walk in the Dark (Barbara Brown Taylor)
  • Keepers of the story (Megan McKenna)
  • Short stories by Jesus (Amy-Jill Levine)
  • Partaking of God (Denis Edwards)
  • Dark emu (Bruce Pascoe)
  • The Age of the Spirit (Phyllis Tickle).


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Autumn 2015

Autumn 2015 for web.jpg

The topics are resources for Lent, Holy Week and Easter, Resources for Teaching Sacraments and Family Catechesis, and new resources.

Book reviews include:

  • Take the Plunge: living Baptism and Confirmation (Radcliffe),
  • The Little Book of Lent: Daily wisdom from the world’s greatest spiritual teachers (Howells), and
  • The Holy Land: follow the steps of Jesus (Boochny).

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Summer 2014

summer new.jpg

The focus is Discernment and Vocation, and Resources for Advent and Christmas.
Book reviews include: Come Follow Me (Donaldson); Between Heaven and Mirth (Martin); Jesus: A Pilgrimage (Martin); Spirituality, Intimacy and Sexuality (Galindo & Cummings); Far From The Tree: Parents, children and the search for identity (Solomon)

 newsletter Summer 2014 .pdf


Spring 2014

newsletter Spring 2014.jpg

Book reviews included are: Breaking the rules : trading performance for intimacy with God (Anderson), Mercy : the essence of the Gospel and key to Christian life (Kasper), Bakhita : from slave to saint (Zanini), Sex trafficking : inside the business of modern slavery (Kara), A country too far (Scott and Keneally), and Jesus was a migrant (Cornell).

The theme for this newsletter is Resources for teaching Made in the Image of God program ‘Being Human’ strand.

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Winter 2014

CRIS Winter 2014.jpg

Focus for the latest newsletter is resources for Joy of the Gospel, Pope Francis, Book clubs, and CRIS review questionnaire.

Books reviewed include: Rediscovering the lost body-connection within Christian spirituality (McMahon), From Teilhard to Omega : Co-creating an unfinished universe (Delio), Sacred Fire : A Vision for a Deeper Human and Christian Maturity (Rolheiser), Ask the beasts : Darwin and the God of love (Johnson), The Homeless Bishop (Girzone).

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Autumn 2014

Autumn 2014.jpg

Title: Autumn 2014 Lent & Easter
Contents: Book reviews, Lent, Holy Week and Easter resources, Indigenous resources, Fair Trade chocolate.
Book reviews: Reconciliation: searching for Australia’s soul (Habel), Finding God beyond religion (Stella), Killer Robots (Krishnan), The Southern Cross, The Witness and The Tablet (review), Called to be sent: co-missioned as disciples today (Gittins)

 Autumn 2014 incorporating Lent and Easter.pdf


Summer 2013 - 2014

Theme: Advent and Christmas resources
Includes book reviews, new Catholic Truth Society booklets and new resources added to the collection. Books reviewed include Buying the field : Catholic Religious Life in Mission to the world (Schneiders) ; Peace behind bars: a peacemaking Priest's journal from jail (Dear); Yes, and ... daily meditations (Rohr).

 newsletter Summer 2013 .pdf


Spring 2013

The focus for this issue is Reggio Emilia and Resources for Young Children together with a Picture Books listing.
Book reviews include The Misunderstood Jew : The Church and the scandal of the Jewish Jesus (Levine); Henri Nouwen : a spirituality of imperfection (Hernandez); The Art of Spiritual Direction : giving and receiving Spiritual Direction (W. Paul Jones); The Church ; unlocking the secrets to the places Catholics call home (Wuerl and Aquilina); The Mirror and the Cross ; Scotland and the Catholic faith (Scott-Moncrieff). Reviews include a CD by Richard Rohr In the footsteps of Francis : awakening to Creation reviewed by Br Michael Flaherty.

 Newsletter Spring 2013.pdf

Winter 2013

Theme: Resources for Human Trafficking, Slavery and Fair Trade
Books reviewed include:
The way opened up by Jesus (Pagola),
Anthony de Mello SJ, the happy wanderer (de Mello)
An infinity of little hours (Maguire),
Contemplation in a world of action (Merton)
1 Corinthians (Murphy-O-Connor),
Stop the traffic (Chalke),
Half the sky (Kristof),
Radhika’s story (Hendry).

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2012 Advent - Christmas Supplement

Advent and Christmas Resources for preparing for and celebrating Advent and Christmas, including an annotated bibliography and websites

 2012 Christmas supplement.pdf

Spring 2012 - Summer 2013

Themes: Prayer and Liturgy, MeGan McKenna resources, Vatican II: An Event of Grace eConference.
Book reviews: Journey of the Universe (Brian Thomas Swimme); Sister Wendy on Prayer (Sister Wendy Beckett); The Restless Heart : finding our spiritual home in times of loneliness
(Ronald Rolheiser); Black Popes: authority, its use and abuse (Archbishop Roberts S.J.); Jesus and the Natural World (Denis Edwards).

 CRIS Newsletter - Spring 2012 - Summer 2013.pdf

Winter 2012

Themes: Resources for the Year of Grace, Exploring the Year of Grace website, resources for the Angelus, and featured new resource: YOUcat (Schoenborn). Book Reviews: Mothers, Sisters, Daughters - standing on their shoulders (Gateley & Mattucci); Faith, Hope, and a bird called George (Morwood); Speaking Christian (Borg); Catholics and Catholicism in contemporary Australia (Ata); Wit and wisdom of good Pope John (Fesquet); Jesus - an historical approximation (Pagola); Prophets in their own country (Schneiders). 

 CRIS Newsletter - Winter 2012.pdf

Autumn 2012 - Lent and Easter supplement

Summary of Lent and Easter Resources including DVDs, CDRoms and websites.

 CRIS - Autumn 2012 - Lent Easter Supplement.pdf

Autumn 2012

Themes: Leadership, Religious Leadership, Educational Leadership, Organisational change - plus book reviews and new DVDs and new resources added to the collections. Book Reviews: In God’s Womb (Edwina Gateley); The Other Side of Chaos (Margaret Silf); The Little world of Don Camillo/Don Camillo and the Prodigal Son (Giovanni Guareschi); Quest for the Living God (Elizabeth Johnson); My life with the Saints (James Martin); A force more powerful (Peter Ackerman, Jock Duval).

 CRIS Newsletter - Autumn 2012.xps

Spring 2011 – Summer 2012

Themes: Leadership, Religious Leadership, Educational Leadership, Organisational change – plus book reviews and new DVDs and new resources added to the collections. Book Reviews: In God’s Womb (Edwina Gateley); The Other Side of Chaos (Margaret Silf); The Little world of Don Camillo/Don Camillo and the Prodigal Son (Giovanni Guareschi); Quest for the Living God (Elizabeth Johnson); My life with the Saints (James Martin); A force more powerful (Peter Ackerman, Jock Duval). 

 CRIS Newsletter - Spring 2011 - Summer 2012.pdf

A comprehensive listing of Advent and Christmas Resources including stories, customs, craft, poetry, drama, prayer and meditations on DVD and CD, in books and picturebooks and websites.

 2011 Christmas Supplement.pdf

Theme: Youth and Youth Resources. Book Reviews: Radhika's story : surviving human trafficking (Hendry); Changed Heart, Changed World : the transforming freedom of friendship with God (Barry); Welcome to the wisdom of the world and its meaning for you (Chittister); The Australian Book of Heroism (Writer); Borrowing the Eyes of Others; Awakening to Yourself (McBride,); Divine Therapy and Addiction : Divine centering prayer and the twelve steps (Keating); Stories from the Edge (Wiles).

 CRIS Newsletter - Winter 2011.pdf

Theme: Sustainability, Ecology, & Environment, in websites, books, DVDs, and picture books. Book Reviews: Blessed John Henry Newman : A Richly Illustrated Portrait (K. Dietz & M. Dechant); Where the hell is God (R. Leonard); What does it mean to be a saint? (ed. J. Laffin); Beholding the glory : Incarnation through the Arts (ed. J. Begbie); Jesus in the power of poetry (D. O'Murchu); Confessions of a lapsed Catholic (S. Cassidy).

 CRIS Newsletter - Autumn 2011.pdf

SPRING 2010 / SUMMER 2011
Theme: Mary MacKillop, Sisters of St Joseph and resources on Saints. Book Reviews: The First Christmas, what the Gospels really teach about Jesus' birth (Borg); Wounded Prophet, a portrait of Henri JM Nouwen (Ford) Uncommon gratitude, Alleluia for all that is (Chittister).

 CRIS Newsletter - Spring 2010Summer 2011.pdf

Theme: Retreats, contemplation and spirituality. Book Reviews: The sound of listening (Dear, J); Armchair Mystic: easing into contemplative prayer (Thibodeaux, M); Ted Kennedy: Priest of Redfern (Campion, E); About Angels: companions on our search for God (Trainor, M); Field of compassion: how the new cosmology is transforming spiritual life (Cannato, J); The future church: how ten trends are revolutionizing the Catholic Church (Allen, J); Holiness and the feminine spirit: the art of Janet McKenzie (Perry, S).

 CRIS Newsletter - Winter 2010.pdf

Theme: Religious Art, Dance, Drama & Media. Book reviews: In my own words (Chittister); Ordinary Courage (Mulhearn); Life of the Beloved: spiritual living in a secular world (Nouwen); The Breath of the soul: reflections on prayer (Chittister); In God's womb: a spiritual memoir (Gateley).

 CRIS Newsletter - Autumn 2010.pdf

Theme: Sacraments of Initiation.

 CRIS Newsletter - Spring 2009.pdf

Theme: Saints and Heroes

 CRIS Newsletter - Winter 2009.pdf

Themes: Made in the Image of God; Lent & Easter.

 CRIS Newsletter - Autumn 2009.pdf




Newsletters are also available on the following topics:
Winter 2009   Saints and Heroes
Autumn 2009   Made in the Image of God
Spring 2008  World Youth Day reflections; Gospel resources
Winter 2008   Images of God
Spring 2007   World Youth Day and Resources for Youth
Winter 2007   Ecology; Christian Leadership; Parish resource kits.

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