What can I expect in Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a facilitation of and reflection on your prayer life in order to deepen your relationship with God.

The spiritual director assists you to talk about what happens when you pray. Because our life and prayer are bound together, life issues would be discussed, but always in the context of prayer that has taken, or will take place.

The spiritual director helps you notice how God communicates with you and how God’s personal Presence is shown in your life.  You are guided to consider how you would like to respond to that personal Presence.

Spiritual Direction is not a substitute for counselling, therapy or problem solving. Your session with a director is focussed on your prayer and your life in relation to that prayer.

The spiritual direction session is not a teaching time for theology or scripture rather you are assisted by suggestions for ways to pray with Scripture and to deepen your awareness of God’s presence.

How can I contact a Spiritual Director?

For further information please contact:  The Diocesan Office on 08 8210 8210 or one of the Retreat & Spirituality Centres