Why is it called an 'installation' and what does it involve?

When Bishop Patrick O’Regan was appointed by Pope Francis as the ninth Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Adelaide, he had been a Bishop for nearly six years. His episcopal ordination took place in Sale on February 26, 2015. For this reason, Bishop Patrick will be ‘installed’ as the Archbishop of Adelaide.

What does this ceremony involve?

It begins at the door of the cathedral, where Archbishop-designate O’Regan will knock on the door, seeking entrance. There he will be greeted by Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ, the Apostolic Administrator, Fr Philip Marshall, Fr Anthoni Adimai and Mgr Robert Rice who will walk with him through the cathedral to the steps of the sanctuary. There Fr Adimai will hand him a crucifix, which he will venerate, and holy water, with which he will bless himself.

The actual Rite of Installation takes place after Bishop O’Kelly has formally welcomed everyone.

Bishop O’Kelly will read the formal letter (called a papal bull) from Pope Francis appointing Bishop O’Regan as the ninth Archbishop of Adelaide. Once this has been read, the Archbishop-designate gives his formal acceptance of the appointment. To this the congregation responds with a heartfelt acclamation.

At this point Bishop O’Kelly will lead Archbishop-designate O’Regan to the cathedra, the bishop’s chair. It is when he sits in this chair that he formally becomes the Archbishop of Adelaide.

Once Archbishop O’Regan is seated, the bishop’s staff, (or crozier), is brought forward and presented to him. This marks him as the Chief Shepherd of the Archdiocese, the one appointed to care for all the faithful of the local Church. Representatives of this local Church then come forward to formally ‘recognise’ our new Archbishop. This will include a member of the clergy, a member of one of the numerous Religious Orders that minister in our Archdiocese, the Director of Catholic Education, a student and a parishioner from a local parish.

This brings to a conclusion the Rite of Installation and Mass will continue in the normal manner, with Archbishop O’Regan as the Chief Celebrant.

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