17 Jun 2022


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Dear sisters and brothers,


Grace and peace, I hope this note finds you well.

I am writing to clarify a number of issues:

1.         COVID Marshals are no longer required except for events covered by a COVID Management Plan (i.e. over 1000 people). I take this opportunity to thank the many dedicated COVID Marshals that have so generously navigated us through COVID compliance.

2.         The following activities may resume:

a.         Procession of Gifts
b.         Collections: please be mindful to minimise contact when passing. Some parishes have invested in long poles that are attached to collection baskets or plates.
c.         Children’s Liturgy of the Word
d.         After Mass Gatherings and Parish Meetings (i.e. Parish Council, youth activities, gatherings for a cup of tea after Mass). Please ensure that social distancing and hygiene practices are maintained.

3.         The Precious Blood should not be distributed to the faithful. Communion on the tongue is not yet permitted. A Deacon or a concelebrating Priest, if present, may receive by intinction. This will be reviewed regularly.

4.         Holy Water should not be used in the Holy Water stoops. Again some Parishes have invested in dispensers for Holy Water. This will be reviewed regularly.

5.         Visiting of the sick in the home: in this instance, I would advise a risk assessment be conducted and that some simple guidelines are followed:

a.         Mask wearing
b.         Not visiting when sick
c.         Keeping visits brief

If you would like further assistance, please contact Deb Nation and her team at Catholic Health Safety and Welfare on 8215 6850.

In Domino,
+Patrick O’Regan
Archbishop of Adelaide

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