21 Dec 2020

Wishing you a blessed Christmas

A message from Archbishop Patrick O'Regan

When we think of the first Christmas, we sometimes think of the Silent Night Holy Night type, where all is calm all is bright. Yet the first Christmas was entirely chaotic and dangerous. It was winter; two travellers, one heavily pregnant, make an inconvenient trip of about 150 km. Getting there was only part of it, when they arrived, as we know, it was Mary’s time and there was no room for them. You might think that God might have got things better organised. It is as if God actually doesn’t mind a little chaos!

This year we all have experienced the unwelcome and sudden chaos and uncertainty that COVID has bought into our lives. It has all taken its toll on us.

And now we find ourselves celebrating Christmas. It’s a reminder that the kind of God we have is a God who first comes to us; a God who is not only God for us, but God with us; a God who reminds us that we are not alone, especially it seems in chaos and uncertainty.

Our joy at Christmas is not simply the celebration of another birthday. It celebrates that we have someone who is our light; One who can show us the path of life; One whose light accompanies us, especially in the darkness.

If Christ is that for us then Christmas also challenges us to become that light in our world.

This is my first Christmas in Adelaide, and I thank you for your welcome. I know strongly that despite all the challenges that this year has presented, we are not alone.

May Christmas 2020 be a time of great peace, trust and forgiveness, for you and your families and friends. May we rediscover Jesus Christ, our true light. God is good, good indeed.


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