20 Oct 2021

Re: Wearing of masks in churches

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Dear sisters and brothers,

Re: Wearing of Masks in Churches

Grace and peace, I hope this note finds you well.

I am writing to clarify an issue that has come to my attention through several parishes.

1.         The wearing of masks:

  • Please remind your congregations that masks must cover both the nose and the mouth.
  • The wearing of masks is mandatory in Churches under the Emergency Management Direction 2021. Penalties apply for non-compliance.
  • Provisions exist to accommodate people with health issues however they are required to provide proof they have an exemption.
  • Conscientious objection does not apply in these circumstances. An individual can object to wearing a mask and it is our right to refuse entry to our premises. People who refuse to wear masks are prohibited from entering our premises and the Direction allows for the Police to be called in such instances.

I take this opportunity to thank our dedicated COVID Marshals who have provided a very important service during COVID.

I also bring to your attention a meeting that is being planned with Leaders of Christian Churches with SA Health officials to further explore the easing of restrictions in our context. This meeting is likely to take place in the next month. I will keep you update in relation to the outcome of this meeting. 

If there are any particular questions/issues that apply in your context I encourage you to contact Sarah Moffatt smoffatt@adelaide.catholic.org.au so she may raise these on your behalf at this meeting.

In Domino,
Archbishop Patrick O'Regan


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