21 Apr 2020

Homily from St Mark's Cathedral Port Pirie, Sunday April 19

Bishop Greg O'Kelly SJ

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I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I thought some might find helpful the homily preached in St Mark’s Cathedral last Sunday, with only a few people physically present, and most who heard the homily did so through “hitting in” on the internet. The shut down through COVID-19, and the closing of the buildings, makes us ponder the meaning and nature of the Church.The Sunday Readings from the Acts of the Apostles and Saint John’s Gospel both give portraits of the Church which you might find helpful. The First Reading described the early Christian community and how it lived, and the Gospel has the appearance of Jesus to doubting Thomas.

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14 Mar 2020

Jubilee Mass – Sisters of St Joseph

St Ignatius Church, Norwood – March 14 2020

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Dear Sisters & Brothers, I would hazard a guess that the Sisters of St Joseph would in the Catholic Church in this State have the greatest fund of stories about identities and parishes and the communities in little country towns. Compared to other Orders of Sisters, the Josephites had so many convents scattered throughout the land, in places of such diversity – Norwood, Port Adelaide, Yankalilla, Terowie, Caltowie, Gulnare, Georgetown, Blynman, Rhynie, Orroroo, Saltia, Jamestown, Woomera, Spalding, Burra – just to name a few. Imagine the diversity of backgrounds in those communities, and what anecdotes they would have inspired, and how around the fire at night, the nuns might have shared some of those stories!

 Homily - Srs of St Joseph Jubilee Mass 14032020.pdf

11 Mar 2020

Calvary Adelaide Hospital Chapel

March 11 2020


Mass of Thanksgiving for the Ministry of the Little Company of Mary and blessing and opening of the new Calvary Adelaide Hospital.

At yesterday’s blessing a brief mention was made about how the mission came to Adelaide. In 1885, just eight years after the founding of the Congregation, six Sisters arrived to begin the work of the Little Company of Mary in this land. In 1899, negotiations began for the founding of  Calvary  Hospital  North  Adelaide  in  1900. The  work  of  the  Sisters  commenced  in  all  its  aspects, and covered the range from birth to those at the end of their journey, following the charism implanted by Mother Mary Potter.

 Homily - Mass of Thanksgiving Calvary Hospital 11032020.pdf

10 Mar 2020

Opening and blessing of Calvary Adelaide Hospital

March 10 2020

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In a few minutes there will be a small ceremony of blessing for this new Calvary Hospital. Holy Water will be sprinkled around this chapel and at the entrance of the hospital, so that all who enter herein may receive respect and care, healing we pray, and always some experience of the compassion of Christ. For that is our tradition as Christian people working in a Calvary Hospital, to exercise something of the ministry of Christ whose ministry among the people was to preach, to teach and to heal – as we have just heard in the Gospel account read by Sr Kathleen. The blessing with Holy Water is not some form of magic or reverse voodooism: Holy Water does nothing  to  the  molecular  structure  of  the  building  fabric  (the  hope  shared  I  am  sure  by  the  builders and the architect).  It is a blessing of dedication.

 Homily - Opening & Blessing of Calvary Hospital 05032020.pdf

26 Feb 2020

Ash Wednesday

February 26 2020

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In the very beginning of John’s Gospel, Jesus says to the disciples what do you want, and their question to Him is ‘Lord where do you live?’ As we prepare for Lent we pray that our hearts may be in the place where he lives. As the first reading said, come back to me with all your hearts. Lent is a time for us to ask ourselves who owns our hearts, who occupies our hearts, who dwells in our hearts, is the Lord there as well? We are very conscious that we are a Church of sinners, almost daily in the media there are reminders of that. And so as a Church we come before Jesus at this Lent and we say ‘Lord have mercy’.

 Homily for Ash Wednesday February 26 2020.pdf

29 Nov 2019

Ordination to Diaconate – Tee Ping Koh and Alfred Donat

St Patrick's Church, Adelaide


My brothers Tee Ping and Alfred, in a few minutes you will lie prostrate on the floor of the sanctuary  of  this  church  while  the  People  of  God  here  assembled  pray  to  the  Saints  for  themselves and for you, as you undertake this step towards Holy Orders.  The prayer will be sung,  “bless  these  whom  you  have  chosen;  bless  them  and  make  them  holy;  consecrate  them for sacred duties; strengthen them in Your service”. The prayer affirms for us that you are chosen, that you are called to be holy, that you are to be  consecrated persons, and that you are to give your energies to the service of the Lord.

 Homily - Diaconate Tee Ping Koh & Alfred Donat 29112019[1].pdf

24 Nov 2019

Feast of Christ the King

November 24 2019

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 Homily Bishop Greg - Christ the King.mp2

21 Nov 2019

Farewell to Daughters of St Paul

November 21 2019


After 57 years serving the South Australian Catholic community, the Daughters of St Paul were farewelled at a thanksgiving Mass in St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral last night. The Daughters have closed their Pauline Books and Media Centre store in Hindmarsh Square, signalling the end of their presence in Adelaide. In a touching homily, Bishop Greg O’Kelly SJ said it was a sad occasion for the Sisters and those they had served so well.

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Picture: Sr Nerina, Sr Marisa, Sr Jacqueline, Bishop O'Kelly, Sr Joanna and Sr Grace at the thanksgiving Mass.

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