Welcome to the Interdiocesan Tribunal of the Catholic Church Adelaide

(SA & NT)

The Interdiocesan Tribunal of the Catholic Church Adelaide is a service to assist with the pastoral care of divorced and remarried persons seeking to have their marriage recognised in the Church, divorced persons seeking to remarry, and divorced persons seeking clarification of their standing in the Church. For more information on the Tribunal click here. 

Monsignor Paul Quirk, Judicial Vicar

In Catholic Canon Law a vicar is the representative of the diocesan bishop and may have different titles based on what role they are performing. Judicial vicars exercise a portion of the power of the diocesan bishop by virtue of their office, with ordinary power to judge cases in the diocesan ecclesiastical court. Although the diocesan bishop can reserve certain cases to himself, the judicial vicar and the diocesan bishop are a single tribunal, which means that decisions of the judicial vicar cannot be appealed to the diocesan bishop but must instead be appealed to the appellate tribunal.

The judicial vicar heads the Tribunal of the Catholic Church for the Province of Adelaide (Adelaide, Port Pirie and Darwin). This Tribunal is charged with the administration of justice, as a court of first instance for all matters of the public good brought before the Church. Although most cases brought before the Tribunal involve challenges to the canonical validity of marriage, the court also acts as the competent forum for other issues, including penal matters.

Contact details:

Judicial Vicar
Mgr Paul Quirk JCL
Phone: 08 8210 8225