9. What other documents can be accepted by the Archdiocese as evidence that I have already undergone a check?

  • The only document/email notification that is acceptable is a current Department of Human Services (DHS) Working with Children Check Letter / Email notification

** Please note: this department was previously known as The Department for Communities & Social Inclusion (DCSI), so child related clearance letters issued under this banding are also acceptable provided they have not expired. **

Whilst this document is NOT specifically a Catholic Clearance, it is evidence that you have undertaken a Working with Children Check with DHS.

In the event that you have one of these documents, it should be presented to the Authorised Personnel at the location that you wish to provide service to. A verified copy of the document will be required to be forwarded to the Screening and Verification Authority. The document will then be checked and assessed to determine whether a Catholic Clearance is appropriate based on the actual content of the document and the current status of the clearance issued by DHS.

Holders of these types of documents are also required to obtain a Catholic Screening Outcome Letter/card.  

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