01 Nov 2019

Rural parish reveals impact of water crisis

The Southern Cross newspaper – November 2019

MB charter pic sm.jpg

The impact of the water crisis affecting people in rural areas was a topic for much discussion and prayer when the Archdiocesan team visited the Murray Bridge parish last month.

During the ‘long day’ on October 15, Deacon Tim Grauel and acting Chancellor Sarah Moffatt met with the Mannum Mass community – a small welcoming group deeply connected to their faith, living it out practically in every aspect of their lives.

Parishioners shared they are deeply committed to ecumenism and there are many inter-church activities and gatherings, especially at significant times of the year such as Easter and Christmas.

Of particular concern to Mannum parishioners was how ‘city dwellers’ understand and appreciate the water crisis affecting those living in this part of the State.

31 Oct 2019

Payneham students take action to save the planet

The Southern Cross newspaper – November 2019

Ecological awareness and helping to save the planet through personal actions and more elaborate plans were the topic of conversation when the Archdiocesan team dropped into the Year 6/7 class at St Joseph’s School, Payneham.

The tour of the Portrush Road school was part of the visitation team’s ‘long day’ in the Payneham parish on September 24.

Inspired by the actions of Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg, the senior students gave presentations from their recent Middle School Expo, which covered research into the state of the earth and how the choices made today will affect people for many years to come.

They spoke of various ways to have a more sustainable future, from embracing renewable energy sources through to making organic clothing.

01 Oct 2019

Renewing parishes

The Southern Cross newspaper – October 2019

IMG_0717 tailem bend.jpg

Adelaide Archdiocese representatives took part in activities at three different parishes in recent weeks as part of their ongoing visitation program. In August they travelled to the Murray Mallee (Tailem Bend and Meningie) and Mallee Border (Pinnaroo, Lameroo and Murrayville), inviting parishioners to share their thoughts about issues at the local, diocesan and wider Church level. The visit to the Para Hills Modbury parish in September included Child Protection Sunday celebrations, which were acknowledged in a number of ways throughout the liturgy, in prayer and action. Picture: Parishioners at Tailem Bend during the recent visitation.

01 Sep 2019

Salisbury's vibrant community on show

The Southern Cross newspaper – September 2019

SALISBURY for approval.jpg

It’s been a period of “learning” not only for the young students but also staff since the Alive Early Care and Learning Centre at Parafield Gardens opened its doors earlier this year. As part of its visitation to the Salisbury parish in August, members of the Archdiocesan team spent time touring the centre and participating in activities with the children.

“We’ve all been learning along the way,” centre director Janine Griffin told the team.

“It’s been a good opportunity over the past eight months for us to develop programs. We are working to create a welcoming and embracing environment where parents and children can feel part of our wider community.”

01 Aug 2019

Serving up a slice of life in Millicent

The Southern Cross newspaper – August 2019

Millicent students Portal.jpg

A ‘slice of life’ was presented to a delegation from the Adelaide Archdiocese during its trip to Millicent as part of the parish visitation program.

Located in the South East, the parish comprises St Alphonsus Church at Millicent and St Brigid’s Church at Beachport.

A highlight of the ‘long day’ visit to the parish was a meal prepared and served by students from St Anthony’s Catholic Primary School, using produce grown in their Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program.

01 Jul 2019

Cultural diversity celebrated at Seaton

The Southern Cross newspaper – July 2019

Seaton visitation web.jpg

The cultural diversity of Seaton parish was highlighted when the Archdiocesan visitation team spent time with the community last month. The visitation commenced on Sunday June 9 with four celebrations of Eucharist, one of which was celebrated in Italian and broadcast on Italian Community Radio to enable people who are housebound, those in nursing homes and others to listen and pray in their first language.

01 Jul 2019

Spirit of giving continues at Parkside/Glen Osmond

The Southern Cross newspaper – July 2019

Monastery visitation web.jpg

Hands-on commitment to our faith’ is how Trish Wilson describes her parish’s 35 year association with the Brother Michael Christmas Hamper Appeal. What started in 1983 with a few members of the St Vincent de Paul Society Glen Osmond Conference preparing a small number of Christmas hampers has grown to the distribution of more than 200 hampers to 700 individuals by up to 70 volunteer drivers.

01 Oct 2018

Coffee connecting communities

The Southern Cross newspaper – October 2018

Cuppa group.jpg

A simple cup of coffee is proving to be a powerful tool in bringing together members of the Emmaus parish and one of the local school communities.

When members of the Diocesan Visitation Team spent a ‘long day’ in the parish in August they were delighted to be welcomed with a delicious cup of coffee and to hear about the success of the Coffee Connect project.

01 Oct 2018

Students connect with the 'not so young'

The Southern Cross newspaper – October 2018


Students from Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish School are improving their reading skills and forming strong connections with members of the older generation through a program in which they make regular visits to the nearby Southern Cross Care home. Members of the Diocesan Visitation Team joined the Year 4/5 students at one of their recent visits and were delighted to see the young and not so young spending time together. Two of the books they read to the residents were All I want for Christmas is rain and Grandpa’s big adventure, as well as other stories about drought. After reading the students potted either barley, wheat or peas as a gift for the residents.

01 Aug 2018

Living in harmony

The Southern Cross newspaper – August 2018

Amanda and students new.jpg

The importance of caring for the environment and respecting different faiths were just two of the messages highlighted during the pastoral visitation to the Clearview-Kilburn parish in June.

The diocesan visitation team comprising Administrator Delegate Fr Philip Marshall, Chancellor Heather Carey and Archdiocesan Parish Renewal director Teresa Lynch spent a ‘long day’ on June 28 meeting with parishioners and engaging with various services provided through the parish.

01 Jul 2018

Hallett Cove parish showcases spiritual vitality and outreach

The Southern Cross newspaper – July 2018

Hallett Cove free coffee for web.jpg

Hallett Cove parishioners shared examples of their spiritual vitality, outreach to the community and ongoing renewal plans when they met with members of the diocesan leadership team last month. As part of the parish pastoral visitation, Administrator Delegate Fr Philip Marshall, Chancellor Heather Carey, Ministry and Project Officer Teresa Lynch and Catholic Communities manager Jill Gallio met with members of the parish community to hear their stories. They were accompanied throughout the visit by parish priests Mgr Ian Dempsey and Fr Peter Sheedy, together with Deacon Tim Grauel.

01 Apr 2018

Reaching out to others

The Southern Cross newspaper – April 2018

GV parents new.jpg

A playgroup for children and their parents, grandparents or carers is one of the success stories that Glenelg parish shared with the Adelaide Archdiocese’s visitation team last month.

Archbishop Philip Wilson and Mrs Heather Carey met with some of the playgroup participants during their visit to the parish which comprises Our Lady of Victories and Our Lady of Grace churches.

01 Mar 2018

Lively community affirmed at Plympton parish

The Southern Cross newspaper – March 2018

Plympton-visit-2-new copy 1 new.jpg

Meeting OWLS (Older Wiser Livelier Souls), attending an international dinner, witnessing hospital ministry and celebrating the Eucharist with school students and parishioners were some of the highlights of the Archbishop’s visit to Plympton parish last month. The week-long parish visitation began with the Fr Philip Marshall speaking at all Masses at St John the Baptist Church. During the week, Years 3 and 4 students from St John the Baptist School participated in a combined school/parish Mass celebrated by Archbishop Wilson, who then joined the OWLS for their weekly Scriptures reflection.

16 Dec 2017

Nurturing faith journey with 'Godly Play'

The Southern Cross newspaper – December 2017

Godly Play 2.jpg

Developed by Acting APRIM Kelly Spencer, ‘Godly Play’ is a way of “building faith, community and friendship”.

Pre-schoolers and their parents are invited to join together every Monday before school pick-up, with the 15-minute session focusing on a particular message from the Bible. After a prayer and song, the children work on a craft activity which reinforces what they have learned.

01 Nov 2017

Josephite spirit thrives on Yorke Peninsula

The Southern Cross newspaper – November 2017

Confirmation Mass new.jpg

The small farming community at Yorketown gathered to celebrate the 60th anniversary of St Columba’s Memorial School in late September, coinciding with the parish visitation by Archbishop Philip Wilson.

Located near the foot of the Yorke Peninsula, St Columba’s was established by the Josephites in 1957 to provide a Catholic education to children in the surrounding areas. Today the school is thriving, with enrolments increasing. This year there are 79 students in four classes from Reception to Year 7.

01 Nov 2017

Bright future for Brighton parish

The Southern Cross newspaper – November 2017

Brighton 1.jpg

Challenges faced by the Brighton parish over the past few decades have only served to strengthen the community, members of the episcopal visitation team were told last month.

Referring to the closure of St Paul’s and Christ the King churches, parishioner Judy Fernandez said maybe it had been “God’s plan” to bring the three communities together at St Joseph’s Church because He knew there were tough times ahead.

01 Oct 2017

Unique Lefevre welcomes visitation team

The Southern Cross newspaper – October 2017

LeFevre visitation.jpg

The ‘uniqueness’ of the Lefevre Peninsula was on show for all to see when the Archbishop’s visitation team met with the parish community in early September.

Its close ties to the sea and the surrounding industry supporting Outer Harbour is evident throughout the tight-knit community, making it different to many other parishes in the Archdiocese.

01 Oct 2017

Aberfoyle Park youth'acive8' renewal

The Southern Cross newspaper – October 2017

Aberfoyle Park visitation.jpg

A youth group at Aberfoyle Park has put forward ideas to ‘activ8’ their faith and parish.

Coinciding with the episcopal visitation to Aberfoyle Park parish in late August, youth participating in the quarterly Care Factor event decided to put forward some ideas for actioning the eight Gospel characteristics of a renewing parish.

01 Aug 2017

Parishes and schools connecting

The Southern Cross newspaper – August 2017

Renewal Mt Barkjer.jpg

Inspiring stories of pastoral care, love and devotion to those suffering adversity have been just one of the many highlights to emerge from the school/parish visitation program currently underway in the Archdiocese. For the past four months Jill Gallio and Deacon Tim Grauel from the Office for Renewing Parishes have been visiting Catholic schools to outline the Archdiocese’s renewal initiative and promote discussion regarding the values that contribute to a healthy, vibrant and renewing school/parish partnership.

03 Jul 2017

Renewal in the palm of your hand

The Southern Cross newspaper – July 2017

renewal phone for web.jpg

From the South East to the Murray Mallee, Yorke Peninsula to metropolitan suburbs… parishioners throughout the Adelaide Archdiocese are embracing technology to share their resources.

Since the Find a Mass App was launched last year it has proved a popular way for parishes to inform their communities about local news and events, while also being a source of information for Mass times in South Australian churches.

06 Jun 2017

United in faith

The Southern Cross newspaper – June 2017

The most comprehensive parish visitation program undertaken in recent times by the Adelaide Archdiocese kicked off last month with a series of discussions, gatherings and pastoral visits in Mt Barker, Strathalbyn and Macclesfield.

05 Jun 2017

Archbishop Philip Wilson's message

The Southern Cross newspaper – June 2017

Renewal 3 for web.jpg

An important part of a bishop’s life is visitation of the parishes that belong to his diocese. Since the renewal team came together under the guidance of Father Philip Marshall, I have been able to look at how the parish pastoral visitation program can be integrated into the desire that we all have, that is, to work together to be better disciples of the Lord.

01 May 2017

Strengthening the bond between schools and parish

The Southern Cross newspaper – May 2017

School visitation for web.jpg

Members of the Office for Renewing Parishes have embarked on a program to visit more than 90 Catholic schools over the next eight months to further the existing relationship between schools and parishes.

01 Mar 2017

Visitation program outlined

The Southern Cross newspaper – March 2017

Father Philip Marshall-5989 sm for web.jpg

The details of a new parish visitation program involving the Archbishop, Archdiocesan leaders and members of the Renewal Task Force has been outlined by the Vicar General Father Philip Marshall.

Between 15 and 20 parishes will be visited this year with all parishes and communities visited within a three-year cycle.

11 Dec 2016

Hopes and dreams of a Catholic dad

The Southern Cross newspaper – December 2016

Neil McGoran and family for web.jpg

As an educator, Neil McGoran is passionate about providing young people with hope, choices and an understanding of the importance of doing something for someone else.

“Ultimately, that’s what education is all about – if we can do that, we end up with a far more just society,” said Dr McGoran, a former Catholic school principal and current chief executive of the SACE Board.

01 Nov 2016

Historic gathering looks to the future

The Southern Cross newspaper – November 2016

diocesan spring gathering for web.jpg

More than 370 members of the Adelaide Catholic community expressed their strong commitment to renewing Church and parish life at a historic gathering in the city last month.

01 Oct 2016

'Tremendous' response to renewal markers: VG

The Southern Cross newspaper – October 2016

Philip Marshall for web.jpg

This month’s Diocesan Spring Gathering will be an opportunity for parishes, schools and communities to express their “common commitment” to the renewal process and to bringing new life to the Church and world, according to Adelaide Vicar General Father Philip Marshall.

Fr Marshall (picutred), who is a member of the Renewal Taskforce, added the October 29 event would be a way of celebrating the achievements and progress over the past two years since Father David Couturier OFM Cap undertook a review and made a number of recommendations regarding the renewal of the diocese.

01 Sep 2016

Focus on parishes at renewal event

The Southern Cross newspaper – September 2016

Joy of Love.jpg

The important role the parish must play in the ‘renewal’ process will be one of the key messages at the Diocesan Spring Gathering being held next month.
Director of the Office for Renewing Parishes Deacon Tim Grauel said during the gathering some time would be spent focusing on Pope Francis’ words that in today’s world “the parish is not an outdated institution” only if the parish was "capable of self-renewal and constant adaptivity, so that it continues to be the “Church living in the midst of the homes of her sons and daughters” (Evangelii Gaudium, para 28).

Deacon Grauel added that the gathering day – the first to be held by the Archdicoese in more than 30 years – would also be an opportunity for parishes to share resources and ideas as well as network with each other on their efforts to date regarding renewal.

01 Aug 2016

Gathering day to focus on renewal

The Southern Cross newspaper – August 2016

Renewing banner.jpg

The Adelaide Archdiocese will hold its first gathering day in more than 30 years when it brings together members of all its parishes and communities to discuss and share their experiences of the ‘renewal’ process.

It was back in late 1985 when the last gathering day was held and director of the Office for Renewing Parishes, Deacon Tim Grauel said the decision to hold the October 29 event showed the “strong support and commitment” of the Archdiocese for the ongoing renewal of the Church.

01 Jul 2016

Spreading renewal news

The Southern Cross newspaper – July 2016


A new e-newsletter that provides a forum for sharing ways to be part of the ‘renewal’ process has been warmly welcomed by parishes throughout the Archdiocese.

To be released on a regular basis, Renewing! provides parishes and communities with a tool for sharing ideas, questions and plans regarding the diocese’s number one initiative of renewal.

01 Jun 2016

Rural renewal

The Southern Cross newspaper – June 2016

Jill Gallio.jpg

Renewal Taskforce members have visited parishes in the Mallee and the South East as part of an ongoing commitment to hear first-hand from local communities.

Deacon Tim Grauel and Jill Gallio (pictured) attended the Irish Martyrs Church in Lameroo in May, to review the Taskforce’s renewal document with members of the Mallee Border Parish Pastoral Council.

01 May 2016

Renewal document energises parishes

The Southern Cross newspaper – May 2016

Fr Charles_pic5.jpg

Parish pastoral councils are being “enlivened and energised” by the Renewing Parishes program, according to one parish priest.

Fr Charles Gauci (pictured), who is responsible for Victor Harbor, Willunga, Noarlunga and Kangaroo Island parishes, said each council had been responding to recent Renewal Taskforce visits and the sharing of a document outlining eight characteristics of a healthy, vibrant and renewing parish.

01 Apr 2016

Renewal taskforce gets out and about

The Southern Cross newspaper – April 2016

renewal 2.jpg

From Kapunda to Kangaroo Island, parish pastoral councils have been hosting members of the Adelaide Archdiocese’s Renewal Taskforce over the past two months.

The purpose of these visits is to introduce a two-page document which outlines eight characteristics of a healthy, vibrant and renewing parish.

01 Mar 2016

Renewal focus for new appointments

The Southern Cross newspaper – March 2016

Tim Grauel.jpg

The Adelaide Archdiocese has announced two new key appointments to roles related to the renewal of parishes, communities and schools.

Deacon Tim Grauel is joining the Archdiocese in the role of director of the Office for Renewal. Tim is a member of the renewal task force and was ordained a deacon in December last year.

Deacon Grauel (pictured) will also undertake a role as coordinator of Archdiocesan social justice and Catholic life initiatives.

01 Dec 2015

Involving young families in the Mass

The Southern Cross newspaper – December 2015

kids jpg.jpg

Every Sunday nine-year-old Samuel Morley nags his mum and dad to take him to Mass.

Samuel is in charge of the PowerPoint presentation at St Matthew Church, Birdwood, and is adamant that he is the only person in the congregation who can do the job properly.

“We’re working on his humility,” said his mum Pamela Morley at a forum on young families at the Croydon Park Catholic parish hall last month. “But if you want your children to nag you about going to Mass, give them a job.”

01 Nov 2015

Happy kids, happy mums

The Southern Cross newspaper – November 2015

Tuesday chats.jpg

Every second Tuesday morning at St Luke’s Church Noarlunga, a group of young families gather for Mass and a chat over a cup of coffee.
Called Tuesday Chats, the program attracts varying numbers – from half a dozen mums and children to up to 20 families.

01 Sep 2015

Laity forum

The Southern Cross newspaper – September 2015

julie trinidad for web.jpg

Julie Trinidad, lecturer in Catholic Studies at the University of South Australia will outline the Second Vatican Council’s vision for lay leadership at the third series of Forums in Learning and Dialogue, to be held on Thursday September 10.

One of the key directions set by the Council (1962-1965) was its commitment to the leadership of lay people within the spheres of both Church and society. Ms Trinidad will point out how there is still work to be done on its implementation.

01 May 2015

Seeking a new model of proclaiming the Gospel

The Southern Cross newspaper – May 2015

Fr James McEvoy for web.jpg

By Jenny Brinkworth

Understanding cultural change is central to grasping what’s happening to faith and the Church today, Adelaide theologian Fr James McEvoy told participants at the first of a series of New Directions forums last month.

The Forums for Learning and Dialogue follow the visit to Adelaide last year of Fr David Couturier OFM Cap, and tackle some of the challenges facing parishes.

01 Dec 2014

Call for bold approach to parish renewal

The Southern Cross newspaper – December 2014

The consultant charged with reviewing the Archdiocese of Adelaide has called for “a wholesale new effort on parish development” in his report to the Archbishop and Vicar General.

Father David Couturier OFM Cap said parish development had to “occupy the imagination and efforts of everyone in the Archdiocese of Adelaide”.