The Adelaide Catholic Archdiocesan Archive (ACAA) is the official custodian of the non-current records of the Archdiocese. We are responsible for preserving the cultural and social history of the church in South Australia and hold in trust a rich collection of written and pictorial information from the early days of the Diocese to its recent history.

Conditions of use
Bona fide students and other researchers may be given access to the archives under the following conditions:

  • That they apply in writing to the Archivist for permission to view the documents they require, using the document  “Application for Access to the Archives” (refer to the Policies and Forms webpage). They must state clearly the nature and purpose of their research and must abide by the decision given.
  • That they abide by the rules relating to conduct in the search room, as stated in the document, “Rules for the Use of the Adelaide Archdiocesan Archives,” [refer to the Policies and Forms webpage]and co-operate with the Archivist at all times.

All visits to the archives are by appointment only.  See What's Available for further information.

Family history services
The archive is a private collection and has a responsibility to prioritise management of the records of the Archdiocese in accordance with archival best practice and in ways that directly support the work of the Archbishop. For this reason, we welcome family history researchers although encourage geneaologists to access identical resources when they are readily available elsewhere for public use.