Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski and blind nun Mother Elzbieta Roza Czacka beatified in Poland

Polish Catholic Community (19-9-2021)

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Sunday the 12th of September 2021 will be remembered by the Polish Catholic Community in Adelaide and in around the world as a historical day. Papal Delegate - Cardinal Marcello Semeraro, Prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, declared Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski and Mother Elzbieta Róza Czacka blessed at a Mass at the Temple of Divine Providence in Warsaw.  In attendance were 7,000 people -- including government leaders, 5 cardinals, 130 bishops from Poland and abroad, as well as two women whose cures were the miracles for the advancement of the sainthood causes. The ceremony took place at the same time as the closing Mass of the International Congress in Budapest, Hungary, celebrated by Pope Francis.

Here in Adelaide in the Resurrection Church at Unley, Polish Catholic Community started spiritual preparation for the beatification on Wednesday 8th of September and ended with the Mass on Sunday morning. Due to the time differences, Polish people in Australia were able to watch the live-streamed ceremony from Poland at 7pm.

Fr. Michal Skiba SCHR, chaplain of the Polish Community in Adelaide put a lot of effort to prepare a special program dedicated to Cardinal Wyszynski and Mother Czacka. During the first three days, people were able to participate in the Holy Mass, say the rosary and spend some time with Jesus during the Adoration. Fr. Michal prepared a very informative homily, presenting their life and love for God and their deep devotion to the Virgin Mary. All days of prayers, the Polish community very well attended reflection and thanksgiving.

On Saturday the 11th of September, after the Holy Mass, Fr. Michal Skiba together with a few people from the community presented a special concert dedicated to Cardinal Wyszynski and Mother Czacka. The concert titled: “I put everything on Mary” included in the program: songs, poems and short videos about their life. Fr. Michal ended the celebration saying: “God united these two people who lived their lives clinging to the cross”

Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski – (1901 – 1981) was the Primate of Poland from 1948 until his death. He is credited with saving the church from the communists in post – World War II Poland. He was under house arrest in the 1950s for his refusal to bend to the communist regime, and was considered the true leader of the nation. His long resistance to communism is credited as a factor that led to the election of a Polish pope, John Paul II, and ultimately the toppling of Poland's communist system in 1989. In 1966, Cardinal Wyszynski presided over the celebration marking the millennium since Poland’s Christianisation in the year of 966.

The Polish parliament declared 2021 the Year of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in honor of the churchman.

Mother Elzbieta Roza Czacka – (1876 – 1961) was born into an aristocratic family, lost her sight at the age of 22, but saw her disability as a sign from God and dedicated her life to helping others without sight. For ten years, she gathered experience in centres for the blind in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and France. In 1908, she opened the first small institutions for blind children and adults in Laski near Warsaw and in 1910 founded the Society for the Care of the Blind. She also adapted the Braille alphabet to the Polish language. In 1918, Mother Czacka founded the Congregation of Franciscan Sisters Servants of the Cross. Mother Czacka met Fr. Stefan Wyszynski in 1926 who visited Laski. Cardinal Wyszynski’s friendship and spiritual bond with Mother Czacka survived until her death in 1961.