Ecumenical Prayer Service for Peace and Unity

10th September 2022 - African Community

close up of leaders around candle.jpg

On the 10th of September, 2022 the Archbishop of Adelaide, along with other Christian leaders from our Churches in Adelaide united for an afternoon of Prayer, Reconciliation, Unity, Peace and Harmony with the African Community in Adelaide and in Africa.  Denominations including the Catholic, the Anglican, the Uniting, the South Sudanese Christians fellowship, the Pentecostal church, and the City International Christian church all participating in this prayer service. This ecumenical service brought more than 100 people together to sing and pray at St Francis Xavier Cathedral at 2.30pnm on Saturday afternoon.

Its origins began in 2018, when the South Sudanese Community came together to celebrate the National Day of Prayer for Peace. It was evident this was something that resided in the hearts of many Africans as people from other African countries came. This year a group of leaders coordinated by Mr Clement Kuek, Manager of African Services at Centacare in Adelaide, initiated a more formal ecumenical prayer service. It is hoped this will continue as an annual event.


Beginning with an upbeat entrance procession the Anglican Youth lead the procession as the Catholic Church choir sung. This was a significant event for the African Community to have their Bishops and reverends gather, united around one candle symbolic of the hope for all of Africa and Africans in Australia who put their trust in God who ‘will hear (our prayers) from the heaven , forgive our wrongs and heal our land’. (2 Chronicles 7:14)


The entire prayer service had a theme of unity. The hymns sung were known by all. The readings read by the different Church leaders followed by a brief reflection, spoke of us coming together as one. Different but for the same purpose ….to be His people so He may be our God (Ezekiel 37: 23). 


Many languages featured in the liturgy including, Kirundi, Congolese, South Sudanese Dinka, Kiswahili, and dialect from Rwanda and Nigeria, including Bari.


Prayers for the Nation of Africa, for the government, for our common home, for the suffering people, for our departed brothers and sisters and finally for healing, solace, unity and justice.


Concluding the service with a sending forth, that we may go in peace – a peace that surpasses all understanding keeping our hearts and minds fixed on our God.


All were invited to a feast in the Cathedral Hall with lots of laughter and fun as all united to enjoy each others’ company.