Feast of St Josephine Bakhita 2022

13th February, 2022


The Feast of St Josephine Bakhita of South Sudan was held in St Francis Xavier's Cathedral on Sunday, February 13, 2022 at 2.30pm. Approximately 150 people gathered to celebrate this important Feast Day Mass organized by the African community, and coordinated by Mr Clement Kuek, together with the Events Office of the Archdiocese of Adelaide.

The Archbishop of Adelaide celebrated the Mass with several Priests and Deacons to honour St Josephine Bakhita, recognizing her life, faith, and mission filled with love and mercy for the people she served.   Archbishop Patrick O’Regan baptised 6 young people at this special celebration continuing to grow this community and the church.

St Josephine Bakhita is a very special saint to our African Catholic Community. As the patron saint of victims of modern slavery and human trafficking; St Bakhita is a model of faith and courage in adversity and her legacy lives on in the world today.

The Canossan Sisters were a ‘saving grace’ to the life of St Bakhita.  St Bakhita was grateful to join the Canossan Sisters, who provided her safe haven after years of cruelty as a servant and slave.  St Bakhita holds a special place in the hearts of our Canossan sisters here in Adelaide; Sr Elda Sbarra, Sr My Vu, and Sr Jessika who proudly carried the Saint Bakhita banner. 

The African Choir were amazing with beautiful liturgical dance from the African Youth during the Entrance, Gospel and Gift  Processions.

The Feast of St Bakhita is always celebrated as a very special event not only for the African Catholic Community but for the whole Archdiocese of Adelaide every year. 

Please view the photos of the celebration below for your enjoyment.