Italian Festa - La Madonna di Montevergine

26th September, 2021


It has been 66 years since the first Festa in honour of “La Madonna Di Montevergine” back in 1955 at St Francis of Assisi Church, Newton but the devotion and enthusiasm is still very strong as has been shown by everyone that attended this year’s celebrations in particular the youth in our community, considering the pandemic that we’re all living through.

This year’s Mass Celebration was presided over by our Parish Priest Fr Eldridge D’Souza. A young and dynamic Priest that has embraced the Italian culture.

Under a COVID management plan, the SA Government allowed 2500 people to attend this event.  The community responded patiently as Covid Marshals monitored and staggered entry so that more than 4500 people were able to enjoy this special celebration over the course of the day.

A great big thank you to everyone that took part in organising this great manifestation of faith and also volunteered throughout the day in the various stalls selling traditional Italian foods including the famous “Zeppole” that are a big part of this tradition, a tradition which hopefully will carry on long into the future.

May our Celestial Mother shower everyone with Her many Blessings.

Domenico Zollo.