Marian Procession 2019

Cbc boys with Mary.jpg

At 2.30pm, Sunday May 19th more than 800 Catholics from different parishes, communities and schools gathered at St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral to pray together in honour of Mary, Mother of the Church, instead of the normal Marian Procession held at Pilgrim Peace Park in the South Parklands every year since 2008. This relocation of the event was due to weather forecasts of thunderstorms and heavy rain. 

Although the Marian celebration in the Cathedral this year was shorter, the prayerful atmosphere and the beauty of this devotion to our Mother of the Church, Blessed Mary, was not lost. Our senses were awakened with the aroma of incense and the angelic singing from the Fructus Agustini Choir of the Salisbury Parish, creating a very prayerful event.

The multicultural expression of our faith through prayers, devotions has always been an important part of our Archdiocese liturgical planning. So for this occasion the Rosary was recited beautifully in five different languages (Chinese, Croatian, Kiswahili, Burmese and English) recognising the diversity of our Catholic Church and making it a truly cultural experience. The congregation was full of colour as Banners from each community adorned the Cathedral walls and the people came dressed in traditional costumes celebrating our multicultural church.

For centuries, Mary has captured the hearts of Christians all over the world as they reflect on her role and importance in the life of Jesus and of his followers. The Marian Procession is an acknowledgement of the maternal love Mary represents to our faith.