The Celebration of the Feast of St Daniel Comboni

Saint of Sudan, South Sudan and Central Africa


The Archdiocese of Adelaide celebrated the Feast of St Daniel Comboni at St Francis Xavier Cathedral on Sunday 11 October, 2020, at 2.30pm. 

The main celebrant, Archbishop Patrick O’Regan DD, was delighted to celebrate with the African Community for the first time since his installation, to honour and learn more about St Daniel Comboni. In his welcome, Archbishop highlighted this important Saint of Sudan, South Sudan and Central Africa, as a man who responded to God’s invitation, and invited others; noting his example to us all as disciples of Christ.  

The concelebrants at the Mass were Fr Philip Marshall, Fr. Anthony Adimai, Fr Michael Musyoka Kyumu, Fr Charles Lukati, Fr Michael Odiwa, Fr. Denis Ssemuju, Deacon Alfred Donat and Deacon Nick Kerr. 

Many attended this special Mass, with the African community ever vibrant, wearing traditional African colour, as expected from this amazing community made up of many countries, languages and traditions, united by Faith. 

The St Kizito Choir was in full swing, treating us to rhythmic African music that intrinsically called us to move.  COVID restrictions may stop us from singing but not from dancing, as we were invited to dance in the Thanksgiving hymn ‘Amaitu Ogboro Nya’ (Maadi) with the traditional sound of ululation giving thanks and praise.

This feast day was a special time for six young people as Archbishop Patrick baptised them with care into a life with Christ, as their families watched in contentment. 

Archbishop thanked everyone for coming, praised the choir and thanked the baptised and their families. He gave additional thanks to those responsible for organizing this joyful celebration, the priests who serve this vibrant African Community and Mr Clement Kuek for his ministry and support. 

Father Michael Musyoka Kyumu addressed the community with familiarity as he welcomed the Archbishop to the first of the two feast days celebrated by the African Community of Adelaide. 

After Mass the people filled the grassed area outdoors with colour and happiness as they enjoyed ‘being’ church celebrating a Saint whose heart belongs to Africa and its people.

Please view the photos of the celebration below for your enjoyment.