10th Anniversary of the Adelaide Myanmar Catholic Community

30th September, 2023



The Adelaide Myanmar Catholic Community celebrated their 10th Anniversary in Adelaide on Saturday 30th September, 2023, at 1.30pm at the Holy Family Church in Parafield Gardens.

This special event has been long awaited by the community with special guests from Melbourne as well as their good shepherd Father Peter Zin and Father Luka who travelled all the way from Melbourne to be part of this very special event.

Father Roderick O'Brien, a pivotal figure in the establishment of this dynamic community, presided over this unique Mass. Assisting him were priests Fr. Shibu Jacob MSFS and Fr. James Thomson, joined by Deacon Arturo Jimenea, affectionately referred to as the ‘father’ of the Myanmar Community. A warm reception was extended to the Canossian sisters - Sr. My Vu, Jessika, and Elsa - all of whom play significant roles in nurturing and tending to this expanding community. Father Roderick’s homily centred around “thanksgiving” on many levels.

The prayers of the faithful of this dedicated community touched the hearts of many, as they implored the Lord for peace to envelop their homeland and for prosperity in their new home, Australia. They also conveyed their appreciation for the warm welcome offered by the Australian people and expressed gratitude to nations worldwide that have embraced migrants and refugees.

A humble ceremony of gratitude took place for those who were presented with a splendid, traditional Burmese shawl and a special commemorative t-shirt designed for this significant occasion! In return, the recipients expressed heartfelt and genuine appreciation to the wonderful community for their unwavering love and dedication to their faith and for fostering community life.

After Mass everyone was invited to enjoy a feast in the Church Hall and enjoy the beautiful hospitality of the Adelaide Myanmar Catholic Community with festivities and dancing going well into the evening.

Please view the photos of the celebration below for your enjoyment.