The Celebration of Holy Qurbono 7 -11- 2021

with the Syro-Malankara Catholic Community


On Sunday the 7th November, 2021, the Syro Malankara Rite Community celebrated the first Holy Communion of one of their beloved; Master Alan Manoj.

The Community came together in fellowship and joy for this great event that was originally intended to be celebrated amongst family and friends in India. However, like many special events these past two years, COVID changed the plans – and this highly anticipated occasion was finally celebrated at St Brigid’s Church in Kilburn, in absolute joy for the family.

The main celebrant, Fr Stephen Kulathumkarott, Pioneer Chaplain and Coordinator for Syro- Malankara Catholic Community in Australia and New Zealand, presided at this special Holy Mass, in Malayalam.

The Holy Mass was celebrated in the Syro- Malankara rite, rich in symbolism. The whole congregation participated fully in the liturgy of the Mass chanting and singing together; the men and women responded to one another like an echo of complementarity that God intended for His people, as they prayed.

At the end of the Mass, Sr Nien was sincerely thanked by Fr Stephen for her service to the Multicultural communities of the Adelaide Archdiocese and specifically the Syro-Malankara Rite Community.  She was presented with a beautiful thank you card signed by Fr Stephen and members of his community.  In his thanking note to Sr Nien, Fr Stephen has given her the title of being a ‘mother’ to him and his community with sincerity and affection.

Sr Nien responded with praise for work of Father Stephen, and the vision and hard work of the late Archbishop Philip Wilson who had embraced all multicultural communities; deeply understood the needs of these faith-filled men, women and families to practice their faith in their own language and culture.

As this was the First Holy Communion celebration for a 13 year old, Alan Manoj, he also gave an impressive speech at the party in the church Hall, after Mass.  Alan’s talk truly showed the depth of understanding that this young man had received from the ongoing catechism presented by Father Stephen via zoom to the children in his congregation all over Australia and New Zealand.
Alan said “to be holy is good but the most important thing is to have a relationship with God and call Him a friend.” All the guests were treated to a feast of good food, with celebratory cake for Alan Manoj who is in full fellowship with Jesus our Lord and God.

(The Syro-Malankara Catholic Church is one of the 22  Eastern (oriental) Catholic Churches in full communion with Rome and following the Antiochian liturgy)

Please view the photos of the celebration below for your enjoyment.