The Feast of St Daniel Comboni Feast 2021

Patron Saint of Sudan and South Sudan

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The Archdiocese of Adelaide celebrated the Feast of St Daniel Comboni at St Francis Xavier Cathedral on Sunday 17 October, 2021, at 2.30pm.

The main celebrant, Archbishop Patrick O’Regan DD, celebrated this special feast to honour Saint Daniel Comboni by wearing the chasuable gifted to him by the African community last year when he celebrated the first St Daniel Comboni Mass as Archbishop of Adelaide.

The concelebrants at the Mass were Fr. Anthony Adimai, Fr Michael Musyoka Kyumu, Fr Dominic Okwadha, Fr Mwaura Gicheha, Fr. Denis Ssemuju, and Deacon Alfred Donat assisted the Archbishop.

The African community in the Catholic Archdiocese of Adelaide is made up of people from many countries of Africa with different languages and traditions. The feast of St Bakhita and St Daniel Comboni are so important in drawing the community together, and linking our faith with culture. The women traditionally wore colourful dresses made especially for the occasion and the St Kizito Choir sang amazing hymns with the flavour of Africa very much alive in the music.

Two young readers, Maria Murhimanya and Evelyne Sangu proclaimed the readings with poise and meaning, as with the proclamation of the Gospel, by Deacon Alfred.

This feast day was a special time for ten young people and children who were baptised, and four who received the sacraments of Confirmation and First Holy Communion. Archbishop’s homily very much centred on what it means to live a life with Christ trusting God’s guidance, like a good road map.

Archbishop thanked everyone for coming, praised the Choir and congratulated the baptised and their families. He gave special thanks to those responsible for organizing this joyful celebration, Father Michael Musyoka Kyumu and Mr Clement Kuek; the Cathedral, Events and Multicultural Team, and last but by no means least, the priests who serve this vibrant African Community.

Archbishop noted with sadness, the missing community member, the late Deacon Nick Kerr, but honoured the presence of his wife, Eveleen, who continues to support the community in his absence.

Father Michael Musyoka Kyumu addressed the community with openness as he broke into song, with the congregation warmly responding with familiar lyrics. He thanked the Archbishop for having celebrated this special occasion with the African Community, noting it was no easy task to minister the sacraments of baptism, confirmation and first Holy Communion at one event. His words expressing the gratitude felt by the community.

After Mass the people gathered in the outdoor area of the Cathedral talking to each other with joy as they enjoyed being together celebrating a Saint who made such an impact on Africa and the people of South Sudan, before sharing some homemade African food in the Cathedral hall.