The Feast of St Euphrasia - Syro Malabar Rite Catholic Community

30th October, 2021

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On Saturday the 30th October, 2021, the St Euphrasia Parish of the Syro-Malabar Rite Community, celebrated the feast of St Euphrasia at their Church at Elizabeth South.

More than 400 people (made up of predominantly young families) gathered for Mass at the new church, which opened in October 2019, built and established by the people.

This beautifully lit church prominently recognises their revered Saints with almost life size statues adorning the sanctuary; St Sebastian, Blessed Mother Mary with Christ Child Jesus, St Euphrasia and St Anthony of Padua. 

Main celebrant, Fr Roy Elavumkal, Parish Priest of Tranmere; along with Fr Stephen Kulathumkarott, Chaplain of the Syro-Malankara Rite Community and Fr Ajith Cheriakkara Antony, Parish Priest and Chaplain for the Syro-Malabar Rite Northern Community presided at this special Holy Mass, spoken in Malayalam.   The Holy Mass commenced with a beautiful liturgy lighting candles to acknowledge the Feast of St Euphrasia, their church’s namesake.

A meaningful homily was given by Fr Stephen, addressing the need to see today's reality with the salvific memory in Holy Mass. (Anamnesis).

Father Stephen concentrated on the theme of 'Communion' from the Bishops Synod, reminding us that communion becomes 're-union with greater love'.

After the Holy Mass was an amazing procession!! The children led the way, followed by the people, holding very colourfully decorated umbrellas!! The Italian band played as the good people of St Euphrasia Church paraded around the church, blessing it’s surrounding avenues, so that all people who enter and exit this very beautiful church will receive an ongoing blessing.

No feast is complete without good Indian food!!! Chicken curry with porotta and many other delicacies were enjoyed by the people along with a very lively auction raising money for catholic missions in India. 

Not to mention the amazing handwritten Bible displayed upon entering the church, where 54 devoted families joined together in the prayerful activity of hand-writing the entire Bible !!  (New and Old Testament) within 30 days, to honour the year of St Joseph the worker and father of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

May God bless this young and vibrant community. 

(The Syro-Malabar Catholic Church is one of the 22 Eastern (oriental) Catholic Churches in full communion with Rome and is the second largest Eastern Catholic Church after the Ukrainian Church.)

Please view the photos of the celebration below for your enjoyment.