The Feast of St Mother Teresa of Calcutta

with the Albanian Catholic Community

procession 2.PNG

On the 5th September, 2021, the Albanian Catholic Community came together to honour their patron Saint, Mother Teresa of Calcutta in a beautiful Mass held at Mater Christi Church at Seaton.

Beginning with a procession around the grounds of the Mater Christi Church, at midday; the community prayed the rosary together in the various languages  - Albanian, Filipino, Italian and English. With only 10 percent of the Albanian population Catholic, there was a definite ‘presence’ as the Adelaide Albanian people gathered in reverence and respect for the 5th Feast Day of their Saint who exemplifies Christ’s Love.

Father Roger Manalo CS, has been the priest celebrant of the Albanian Catholic Community for the last 5 years. He gave a beautiful homily acknowledging the strong patronage of the people and their willingness to “be love” wherever they find themselves in the world, just as Mother Teresa did.

The children of the community delighted in participating in the Procession of the Statue of St Mother Teresa and in the Mass.  Reading the prayers of the faithful and participating in the procession of gifts; the children carried symbols to the sanctuary representing the life of Saint Mother Teresa, coordinated by Franceska. When Father Roger engaged with the children during the homily, it was evident the intrinsic and special relationship between their family, their country and the importance of their culture and heritage, to their faith.

The community gave a very warm farewell and sincere thank you to their priest celebrant, Father Roger, who is about to conclude his mandate as Parish Priest of the Seaton Parish. President, Tonin Pecaj and Vice President, Donika Zefi presented Father Roger with a memory plaque to thank him for his devotion and service to the Albanian Catholic Community. Celebrating the Mass in the Albanian language every second Sunday of the month, Father Roger admitted “I’ve never been good with languages but I have trusted God with this ministry to these good people of Albania”. He was so grateful for their kindness and generosity.

At the conclusion of the Mass all the fathers were invited out the front of the sanctuary to receive a blessing, as this event coincides annually with Father’s Day.

Always supported by the Franciscan Sisters of St Anthony, Sr Quintilia Trotta, Sr Judith Malacaman and Sr Rona Barrios, treasured friends of the Albanian Catholic Community were present.

After the Mass the people enjoyed a meal together, under covid guidelines, and enjoyed to see the Albanian children dance to the delight of their families. Dance instructor Mrs Flora Pecaj and Ms Rafaela Mhjillaj were so proud of the girls and gave sincere thanks to Ms Ganimet Sali who lovingly made every costume for this special occasion.