Unveiling of the Statue of Saint Mother Teresa

18th April 2022

(2) Mother Teresa Statue 18-4-2022.jpg

On the 18th April, 2022, the Albanian Community along with the Seaton Catholic Community gathered for the special unveiling a very beautiful saint organised and donated by the Albanian community. More than 300 people were present at this Holy Mass followed by the unveiling of St Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa was canonised a saint by Pope Francis on the 4th September 2016.
Born in Albania, she travelled to Ireland to join the Loretto sisters as a teacher and headmistress, eventually travelling to India to find her calling to help the poorest of the poor and founding the Sisters of Charity; now ministering all over the world. Her story was told with affection by celebrating priest, my Fr Dean Marin, Vicar General of the Adelaide Archdiocese, con celebrated by Fr Tomas Ruiz CS, Parish Priest to Seaton and Chaplain to the Albanian Community, and Italian Chaplain for Seaton, Fr Luigi Sabbadin CS. 

With politicians and dignitaries such as, Mr Adrian Mara,  Ambassador for Albania in Adelaide, this Holy Mass, followed by the unveiling of St Mother Teresa was a moment of true unity as a Church came together with a common purpose.  Not without its hiccups, the journey of this beautiful bronze statue, created by Pjerin Kolnikaj in Albania, settling in the gardens at the Mater Christi, was a process of negotiation and discernment.  With many multicultural communities making up the Seaton Parish, there were necessary meetings, votes and most importantly intercessory prayer to finally unveil Mother Teresa in the eastern garden of the Mater Christi church. 

Rosemary Velardo, Parish Pastoral Chairperson of the Seaton Catholic Community, spoke of the collaboration of the Community all working together and praying together. In her address to the people, Rosemary gave sincere gratitude to the Albanian Community that have spent thousands of dollars to purchase, ship, engrave n installing of the statue of Mother Teresa with absolute expertise!  Ms Velardo acknowledged the blessings the church will receive daily from the out stretched hands of this beautiful saint depicted with words of absolute truth.
“Peace begins with a smile”