CDF offers more than just a place to put your funds. We realise you need flexibility to run a successful organisation. CDF will help you create a product package so that the day to day financial requirements of your business are met.

We offer:
• A very competitive interest rate, with interest calculated on a daily basis
• No fees or charges
• A full range of internet options

Our internet options include:
• Electronic Funds Transfer for paying bills, including direct entry payments
• Facilities to accept Credit Card payments
• Unlimited statement downloads

Our aim is to provide a safe, high yielding product for your money, while providing you with services that will increase the efficiency and wealth of your school or community. 


Our Loans cater for all kinds of borrowing situations. We are committed to improving the resources of the Catholic community and, therefore, are willing to do more for you than any other financial institution.

We offer:
•A very competitive interest rate
•No fees or charges (Govt fees apply if mortgage security is necessary)
•No arrangement fees
•Flexible security arrangements

Our flexible security arrangements:
•Make it easier for you to qualify for a loan
•Make it easier for you to repay the loan