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Children’s Ministry newsletter

Year A: Matthew | Volume 15 | Edition 2 | 2020

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Dear Catechists 

Welcome to the second edition of Children’s Ministry for 2020.

In this brief Newsletter, and while all official catechetical and church related ministries are still on hold, our goal is just to touch base with you. We are thinking of you and praying that you may be able to continue to show the face of Jesus wherever you are and in whichever form better suits your present and local circumstances. 

We are learning that physical distancing does not mean distancing people socially. As we experience the uncertainty and worrisome reality of this Virus, Parish and School communities are finding creative ways to keep in touch with the families in their midst, especially the most vulnerable at this time, including the elderly, and the disabled. Another positive learning of the current times, has been to be able to enjoy some extra time with family and, in some cases, slow down the pace of life to enjoy doing things we often can’t do because of lack of time. 

As you might know our office has been creating weekly Gospel reflections for families with children to be done at home in the absence of Masses and Liturgy of the Word with Children. These can be found on our Diocesan website. Also, in the middle section of The Southern Cross, you will be able to find a two pages insert (attached below) on Prayer during this time: The Southern Cross news online. We hope you have been able to use some of these resources at home, for your personal use and disseminating them to other families in your community. Any feedback you might be able to offer would be really welcomed and if you have any other suggestions or ideas we would love to hear from you.

We all deserve a pat on the back for the creativity and endurance shown during these trying times. At this stage we are asked to continue to persevere in faith and prayer in the hope that soon we will be able to find a way to defeat the virus or at least learn to live with it. Let’s pray that the suspensions of normal church operations due to COVID-19 will lead to an increase  in our desire for God.

With the current situation, we are called to find new ways of being a Christian community. Parents are to be encouraged to continue nurturing their children's faith by sharing stories of Jesus with them. Sacrament preparation will resume at some point in time but the faith needs to remain alive.

Please contact us with your needs; we will be available via email/phone to support you in any way that is possible.  

With blessings
Elena Mo
a and Sr Jenny Seal

Latest newsletter is available below.

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