Children's Ministry Update

Children's Ministry Update containing articles of interest and notice of upcoming events is emailed to parish coordinators each term. Hard copies of the newsletter is posted to those coordinators who do not have access to email. The current edition of the Children's Ministry Update along with previous editions can be accessed here.

To have items of interest from your parish included in Children's Ministry Update forward them to this office as per the contact page.


Children’s Ministry newsletter

Year B: Mark | Edition 3 | 2021

Catechist Newsletter 3,  2021-1 copy.jpg

Dear Catechists and friends

Welcome to our Term 3 Newsletter for 2021! We trust that all is going well for you as you reach out to children and families through your ministry.

In this Newsletter, you are invited to reflect upon the call to evangelise and in this light, an opportunity to discern your own ongoing faith formation and development of skills as children and families are accompanied.

We have also provided some information relating to sponsors for the Sacrament of Confirmation. We strongly suggest you share this with families as they register for the initial Parent Gathering for the Sacraments.

Please note the pages focussed on families and the workshops and gatherings offered to catechists. We are always interested in supporting your team including faith formation and assistance for parents.

Please contact us if there is anything specific that you would like us to offer or if you would like us to visit. With every blessing and thanks for all that you are and do in children and family ministry.
Sr Jenny Seal and Amanda Razon


Please download pdf to read the latest newsletter.

 Catechist Newsletter 3, 2021.pdf