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Children’s Ministry newsletter

Year C: Luke | Volume 18, Edition 2 | 2022

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Dear Catechists and friends

We have approached the middle of the year and so much has been crammed into the past six months.

With much excitement we have been able to recognise and celebrate the event of World Meeting of Families with the theme “Family Love: A Vocation and a Path to Holiness.”   

In celebrating this we were able to gift each family with a small prayer booklet to parishes and schools in the Archdiocese of Adelaide .Our team have been thrilled to know that you find the booklet just as special as we do. 

In saying this, we acknowledge all the hard work you put into this ministry of supporting families whether it is through providing resources that nourish their faith life, to providing a listening ear. As always, we thank you for your continued work within the church as missionary disciples. 

Love and prayers, 
Sr Jenny Seal and Amanda Razon

 Catechist Newsletter 2, 2022.pdf